Tray Table – Materials For Making Tray Table

A tray table can be used in very many different areas including inside the house as well as in an airplane. They come in varied types that are more or less similar in consideration to material and designs. The durability and strength of the tray is determined by taking a look at the material it is made of among many other aspects. In this article, different materials that can be used to make these trays for your table will be discussed one after the other. You will learn about their benefits as well as downsides only after reading through.

formosa white tray table Tray Table   Materials For Making Tray Table

Bear in mind that the type of material you choose for your tray will be guided by quality requirements from your end. Therefore, that will remain to be the only guiding factor in deciding which among these materials to be discussed suits your needs satisfaction. Porcelain is a material that comes light in weight and is well attractive to the eyes. It’s common with Chinese trays but has since spread out to the entire world. The main strong point of this material is the fact that it can hold off colors for long periods cushioning it from fast fading. Its colors are well chosen to ensure you don’t have a difficult time trying to match it with other accessories.

On the flipside, porcelain is a highly delicate material that is prone to damages very easily. Scratches are a common destructive factor as far as this material is concerned. Cloisonné is a material that brings about flexibility in the best way as it allows one to add accessories like decorations. It is very strong and powerful which only translates into guaranteed durability and clear attractive nature. Unlike porcelain, it is heavier thus will not be a good option if you will be moving the tray from one place to another very often. Furthermore, its metallic parts require regular maintenance against rust and that makes it too demanding.

Wood is probably the most common and mostly used material when it comes to making a tray table. This material has been around for centuries and many people liked it owing to its sturdy nature. You cannot easily break wooden trays and that acts as a cushion against damage in case it falls down. Wood is known to be dark in color which you can consider as well if this is your biggest concern. Some people are color sensitive and this point is intended for them in helping choose the right material. There is no huge demand that come with maintenance of this material which is a plus. Furthermore, it is very easy to carve out any design or shape you want for your tray.

Bronze is the last type of material for your tray table to be discussed. It is lightweight but very strong so any concerns about its durability are put to rest. You will have an easy time when cleaning a tray made of bronze even though it can discolor very quickly to lose its natural looks.

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